Projects done in Dreamweaver, Illustrator, and Photoshop.

LTYA Website

Design and rontend development of the Vicki sale's team website.

Email Campaigns

Design of emails' layout and HTML implementation.

Banners Campaigns

Web Banners for Trade and National Account campaigns.

Upcoming Projects

Storyboards, imagery and animatics for short animated films.

Imperator and the Mockingbird

Imperator and the Mockingbird

Animatic for hybrid animation. Explores the struggle between good and evil. Looking back to Aesop's fables, it brings back the two ethical behavior conditions, of substantial relevance in any time and circumstance.

For Dust you Are

For Dust You Are

Imagery for illustrations. Biblical Eve is boringly dusting off an apple tree, and tempted by a beautiful apple placed next to her, becomes herself the meal of the serpent who was carrying the apple.

The Fool and the Devil

The Fool and the Devil

Storyboard and animatic for a new script. The main characters of the story are a fool and the devil (which coincidentally are two of the major Tarot cards) The scene is set in a room with a bed and two tarot cards.